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How is income from investments taxed?

As a regulated platform, we are required to comply with governing regulations and withhold taxes on interest income earned by a private individual and the tax rate differs from country to country.

 Tax rate for:

  • Latvian investors is 20%
  • Lithuanian investors can be reduced to 0% if they submit a tax residence certificate (form FR0254) acquired from VMI
  • investors from EU/EEA countries is 5% since November 2022
  • all other investors is 20%, but the rate can be reduced (usually to 2.5%-10%) if your country of tax residence has a double taxation agreement (DTA) with Latvia. See the list here: "How to reduce the withholding tax rate for tax residents of non-EEA countries?"
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* Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated historic return does not guarantee the same future performance.